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an email about my God page

So awesome! I got an email from a stranger about my "God" page (which expresses how I believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible -- but not necessarily what people in the church say is right)(it's still in progress though, not comprehensive)...

and :
-------- name is Janessa and I'd seen you on livejournal and was checking out your web page and reading your posts about God and religion and such. WOW, that knocked me on my butt, I must say it was amazing. I've felt like that for a very long, that for one you didn't need to be on the hunt to save people different from you, that the churches way of praising the lord wasn't the only way. And I seemed to be feeling like that was just me, that I must be justifying my un-christian attitude because there was nobody else who agreed with me. But I still hold on to that strongly, that I don't need to judge people or even try to change them because if that's what I should be doing God would have told me "hey, go out and save people" but he didn't. God just told me to live my life through him the best way I can and I will be saved, he said to tell those who asked that God is my truth and my life and I would find peace in his love and words. SO...anyways before this goes on forever and ever because I could totally write and write and write I just wanted to comment on that little writing you did, it seemed to be so true for me and I appreciate finding that i'm not the only one out there who thinks that way.

I feel so cool for encouraging this girl! I'm glad that I helped her gain confidence in her godly-yet-not-church-doctrine ideas.
Tags: christianity, olden days of internet, spirituality

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