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Rebecca and Trevor

Rebecca and Trevor picked me up today and took me to my favorite restaurant! Turns out, the other day when they invited me and I couldn't go, they decided to go elsewhere and take me later. So we went out, and I learned a good bit that surprised me.
Rebecca listens to secular music now! I did a double take at that, and felt... jealous. She never listened to unfamiliar music for my sake.... *pout*
Trevor might not have much in common with me in interests, but we have similar families. Except that his dad is addicted to drugs, so he has a different reason for disliking him.
They're really close, but in a platonic way -- yes, an honestly platonic way! I'm glad for them -- it's always kinda warming to see best friends. But it was a little awkward, 'cause he's the new one, I'm the used-to-be one. Ah well -- at least I'm not so uncomfortable around Rebecca anymore.

I felt loved.
Tags: ex-in-laws, rebecca

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