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good news about Sylvia! / the lj cut / talkative me

You know how Sylvia's timing belt broke? Well, we were debating giving her away to someone who could fix her up and drive her... but I really didn't feel like that was what God wanted. So we waited, and asked a lot of people for advice, and Ben's co-worker sent us to his old mechanic (from back in the day when he had a Prelude rather than a fucking TRANS AM) -- and the long and short of it is, NONE of the valves were bent, and instead of 12 to 15 hundred, it's going to cost us about 4 hundred -- AND the place is letting us pay as we get the money, and keep her parked there until we pay her off. Pretty awesome, huh?

It's kinda amusing -- people were very negative about it beforehand, telling me over and over that her engine has likely been destroyed -- but as soon as I say it was an act of God that she wasn't destroyed, they hurry to tell me that "it wasn't that unlikely..." Keep your cynicism to yourself, foo'. I prayed and got what I wanted, and I don't believe in coincidence.


You people on my friends list -- posting quizzes & memes & loooooooong surveys is fine IF you lj-cut them! It is NOT fine if you just endlessly post stuff that has no meaning... I'm not going to unfriend any of you but please please please give me a little consideration! It'd even be fine to occasionally post an uncut quiz or somthing -- if it was once or twice a week. If you don't know how to do it click here.

I've actually been talkative lately -- on trillian. I had gotten frustrated with it 'cause my dad IMs me constantly when I'm online -- and he's already IMed me at least 20 times since I logged on last night. I don't hate my dad, and if I deliberately take control of the conversation it can be interesting, but all he can think of to talk to me about is school, work, the family's hardships, how much he wants me to go visit them in PA, and how much I let them down by not being more involved in their lives. None of which do I want to talk about. But I've been wanting to talk to Kristy and Kaylene, so I decided to risk it in the hopes that they might log on. No luck yet. :-(

Oh my gosh look at the adorable mood-face!

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