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'journal review' -- oh really?

Y'know, I had thought that a certain community was pretty fair and honest, but lo and behold, I offer my journal for review and get such responses as this:

"You are whacked in the head."
"I also think your stong religious conviction is laughable considering your sexual obsession with Angelina Jolie."
"As far of the rest of your journal goes: Boring. Boring. BORING! Plus, I think you have emotional problems."
"You also seem really obsessed with rape." (this person went on to mention a really 'good' movie about rape)

So I came to the conclusion that I was not, in fact, going to get impartial reviews based on my writing style and netiquette, just many many comments insinuating that I am unintelligent, immoral, insane, my layout is dreadful, my userinfo is silly, and I can't write, all in a thinly veiled attack for talking about God or rape in my journal. I suppose I should have known -- it is after all a rating community... but I was led astray by the constructive (for the most part) comments on the other entries. Something about my views just unleashed hate.

I responded with this:
"So we disagree. I'm mature enough to understand that because an opinion is different from mine, it is not necessarily invalid."

and deleted my 'review'... and then the moderator himself invaded my journal to call me a pussy (I didn't read past that), etc., for being so 'uptight' about my journal. Good grief.

...but at least my skin's a little thicker now.

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