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dreams (Wynnes and fish out of water)

The other day I dreamed that Ben and I went to visit the Wynnes, and Spencer was so happy to see us that he showed it (he's a very reserved person, usually). That dream made me even more anxious to visit them (Sheridan's tire blew the other day, so right now we are using the doughnut and can't drive very far)... but then last night I dreamed that we went to visit them and Spencer was very unhappy that we were there -- he was taciturn and wouldn't answer me when I asked what was up. So now I am scared to visit them. I know, I know, they're just dreams -- but my dreams have always affected me powerfully, probably due in part to the fact that they are often prophetic.

And ever since I got Hya (my betta fish) I keep having dreams about fish out of water. For some reason, the fish (sometimes a betta fish but usually some exotic-looking unreal breed) is out of water, because it's container broke or it jumped out or whatever, and I'm trying to get it back in water before it dies. Often, after I get the fish into the water, I'm able to breathe water myself and am small enough to join the fish. But in the latest fish-out-of-water dream, the fish died, because I didn't realize it needed salt water until too late. I've had this dream, in completely different forms, over fifteen times. Obviously it has some kind of relevance, but I haven't been able to interpret it. When I wake, it always leaves me feeling like I've forgotten something important -- all day, I feel like I'm forgetting something that is terribly urgent.
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